Updated: Sep 9, 2018

For some, booking the quickest flight to a destination is amongst the top priority, second to costs. When I am researching flights, I always consider a long layover as it gives us the opportunity to peek into a new country. It was how I was able to visit South Korea and Bangladesh and how our family was able to spend an overnight in Qatar en route home from Sri Lanka.

I was unsure what to expect, specifically their cultural approach to foreign women. I had never visited an Islamic country and wanted to make sure I was respectful with what I wore. I opted for lightweight travel pants and a short sleeved blouse and felt completely comfortable. While the majority of women wore Hijabs or Niqabs, there were several others dressed like me. In the eyes of my children, the women dressed in traditional attire, appeared mysterious, ninja like. It gave us the opportunity to have cultural differences.

In our limited time, we made it a priority to visit Souq Wafiq. There was much too see! The alleyways were lined with merchants selling a variety of goods, from spices, candy, traditional clothes and handcrafts, to even pets. We moved slowly through the Souq, stopping here and there for any items that sparked interest. After a couple of hours though, the stifling heat drained us all and we were ready to retreat to the cool hotel room (kinda lame I know). Before turning in, we ended the evening by strolling along the waterfront to admire the brightly lit and colorful skyscrapers beaming against the Arabian night sky.

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