So I have heard Costa Rica is pretty cool...

Being from the Northern Hemisphere, I've always preferred to travel to far off (relatively speaking), distant lands. Perhaps thinking that the distance in-between continents would bring more thrill and excitement. That the challenges brought by cultural differences and language barriers, would somehow make me wiser or have a greater contribution to any soul searching. While there is no denying on occasions it has, visiting Costa Rica debunked this notion. The five days Nick and I spent in this tranquil country, up the mountain in our Indonesian Tree House Villa, gave us the time and space to rest and reflect. It was a time for us to pause and tune in and remember the beautiful world outside our Uptown New Orleans bubble.

So what did we do these 5 magical days. We were outdoors A LOT, I would say 95% of daylight was spent outdoors. Our villa had a wrap around porch and the minute our feet stepped onto the teak floors to rise, we opened all the doors, inviting the outdoors in.

Our mornings were enjoyed on our porch drinking coffee, eating breakfast, planning the day. Mornings were the times we were visited by toucans and other jungle creatures.

Afternoons were then spent hiking, swimming and visiting beach towns along the coast for lunch. Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge, Naucyaca Waterfalls, Dominicalito Beach and Manuel Antonio State Park were amongst the spots we explored these afternoons.

The evenings were spent back in our dream villa, the sunsets were glorious and not be missed.

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