BIG SUR (About time)

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

A visit to Big Sur was long overdue. I am back on the west coast every summer and somehow this spot had not made it on my agenda. Been longing to go.

I suppose it just seemed to require proper planning, especially during the summer, which is peak season. Not sure why I thought that, as like most of my travels, this quick trip came together with minimal effort. We only spent a few days there, just enough to find some beautiful watering holes to cool off in, lovely hikes and the opportunity to see the stunning coastline.

We stayed at the Big Sur Lodge, which was perfect as it gave us access to all the state parks. The lodge itself is within walking distance to several trailheads. The Valley View trail and the Buzzards Roost Loop were the two we explored. Traveling with my mama, two teenagers, 8 and 9 years old girls, the less time spent in the car, the better for my mood.

The beginning of the Valley View trail was my favorite, walking through the cool and lush Redwood Forest brings me such serenity. The striking splendor of these trees alongside the deep green of ferns and other lush plants growing below it, makes me fall deeper in love with my home state. As for the Buzzards Roost Loop trail, it was also the beginning or I suppose the end in this case, that was a highlight. After hiking 6 miles, the cool creek near the entrance was heaven sent. We kicked off our shoes and ventured in as much as we could without getting our clothes wet, refreshing!

We also drove further down to Sand Dollar Beach. While there were no actual sand dollars, this very beautiful beach had a cave for the kids to explore and came across some interesting and new to us, Marine life.

Of course our trip would not be complete without a quick hike to McWay Waterfall lookout…impressive! Yes it’s highly photographed and rightly so.

In all, the inland hikes were just fine. Having hiked in Marin and Lake Tahoe it takes a lot to impress me. It’s the breathtaking views of the coast; married alongside redwood forests that have given this spot it’s notoriety, placing it on the top places to visit in the US.

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