Updated: Nov 2, 2018

When I was 20 traveling through South East Asia alone, I met a couple of Australian surfers, whom talked up Sri Lanka and the Andaman Islands off the coast of India. They could not wait to get to these “off the beaten path” surf spots.

When I met Nick a couple of months later, whom had just been in Bali surfing, I suggested he should consider those surf spots in his future travels. Well over a decade later, three kids later, and with my mama in tow, this family was able to get to one of these two locations.

Arugam Bay is a very easygoing surf town. Very chill. Staying at Hideway, which I highly recommend, ads to that chill factor. When you have been on the road for a couple of weeks with your family and your mama, coming here was just right. The grounds were lush and stylish, a pool in the back, a restaurant and bar that comes alive at night, plus an amazing coffee shop, couldn’t be more happy to have landed here.

Nick got some surf, I got in some yoga and we all soaked up a lot of good vibes. Plus we continued our wildlife vacation, when we encountered with some rather large, loud and intimidating langur monkeys.

Nick and I were able to steal a night out and actually had a hard time finding a place to go. While there were some stores open late and restaurants, we couldn’t seem to find the “happening” spot. There wasn’t a go to street with bars or clubs lined up blaring music, whether it is EDM or Pop, a la Kho San Rhode/Bourbon Street style. While this is not at all what we were looking for, wouldn’t have minded some dancing. Maybe it was the day of the week or maybe we did not look hard enough, or maybe and thankfully It dos not exist here. Whatever the reason we did not seem to find it, so we settled for some beers at a music bar. Not gonna complain here, in Sri Lanka!

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